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If you choose to assign the organisation of your reception meals to our food company,
you automatically choose a high quality of services along with the benefit of receiving
reasonable prices always with emphasis on human factors.
Our products are being generated under the most conditions of quality and security.

Exquisite ingredients and delicate flavours coming from the Greek and international cuisine, will satisfy even the most demanding palate!
The menus include bardecue, cooked food savoury, sweet snacks and specially-designed menus, based on your personal preferences, for having a reception full of flavours that will definitely enlighten both you and your guests.

The proper equipment and the beautifully-designed dinner set will attribute an incomparable sense of aesthetic quality to your reception, accompan ideally the flavours of the buffet or menu Park Hotel Catering provides you with the complete support of setting up a magnificent reception, covering the issues of equipment, decoration, proper sitting of quests, etc.
The flawless service by our high knowledgeable staff will certainly satisfy both you and your guests.


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